We specialize in identifying Post Tension Cables in concrete slabs

Change order! What!? The slab has already been poured, and the customer wants to change the entire layout? Impossible! It’s a Post Tension Cable slab; can’t do it!

Unless you call GPRS! We specialize in identifying Post Tension Cables in the slab and can mark safe places to drill and areas that need to be avoided, so the integrity of the slab is not compromised.

In the picture below, a change order came across the desk of the General Contractor. Planters were now being added to a Post Tension Cable elevated slab. This required over 100 rebar dowels to be drilled 5” into the 8” slab on multiple balconies.

GPRS showed up and completed the job-specific safety training and scanning all in one day. There were over 45 cables encountered in the pathway of the new planters. Now they know both exactly where the cables are located, and how deep the cables are from the top surface of the slab at each encounter.

As it turns out, the surface had recently been waterproofed with a black tar. GPRS normally marks on surface with black permanent marker, crayon, or painter’s tape, but in this case, the marker just blended into the tar. Thankfully, every scanner is a concrete scanner and a utility locator. As utility locators, we carry crates full of paint. A quick trip to the truck, and the location of the Post Tension Cables were clearly painted on the surface.

Post Tension Cable line strikes are very dangerous and expensive to fix, but GPRS onsite will add to the safety and value of your job.

Our processes have been refined and clearly communicated across the company, so that any scanner that shows up on your site will be able to provide a high level of accuracy with clear markings. Each scanner is trained by GPR tech industry leaders to add all possible information to your decision-making process. GPRS is dedicated to doing everything possible to keep your job on time and safe.

Give us a call; we are happy to help!

GPRS does not provide geophysical, geological, land surveying or engineering services. If you need such services, please contact an appropriate professional.