Net Jets - GPR Slab Thickness

When Net Jets, a Berkshire Hathaway company, decided to add pillars to the new mezzanine area, they had concerns that the existing concrete would not be thick enough to support each of the six pillars. In order to accurately determine the thickness and verify proper steel reinforcing in the Port Columbus International Airport facility, Net Jets called, Ground Penetrating Radar Systems in Dayton, Ohio. On site GPRS was able to precisely identify the thickness of the concrete slab and determine the flooring contained adequate reinforcing for the proposed remodel. Furthermore, because Net Jets was so impressed at the speed and accuracy of our GOR survey, they asked us to verify the thickness of the concrete in each of the rooms in the general hangar and support facility. There is no radiation hazard associated with GPR, the scanning could take place during a normal working day without removing any employees from the premises.

Nate Kollar runs GPRS operations in the Greater Cincinnati, Columbus and Dayton, Ohio region including Indianapolis and Southern Indiana, all of Kentucky and West Virginia. He is based in Dayton, Ohio and he can be reached at (937) 604-7802 or by email at Concrete and asphalt slab thickness and reinforcing verification is a common service performed by the GPR technicians at GPRS.