Hollow Core Scanning

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of NW Ohio recently assisted on a project where hollow core concrete needed repair. The contractor needed to locate the hollow cells to fill them with concrete to repair damaged sections of the slab. The cores were placed over the hollow areas to make openings to pump concrete into the cells without damaging any of the tensioned cables used for support.

Nondestructive testing such as ground penetrating radar is being required on more and more facilities nationwide because of its reliability and accuracy. Concrete imaging is 100% safe because it doesn't emit any radiation. Concrete radar technology also operates in real time, meaning that while the concrete is being scanned it can be mapped out almost instantly by the trained and certified GPRS technician. Ground penetrating radar is safer, faster and more accurate than traditional x-ray. For more information about this technology in NW Ohio/NE Indiana, contact Bo McGee (419) 481-6737 or bo.mcgee@gprsinc.com.