GPRS Completes Concrete Scanning Service in Cincinnati, Ohio

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems - GPRS – completed a GPR (concrete scanning “x-ray”) service in Cincinnati, Ohio. When a customer needed to core drill in a post tension slab, they contacted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems to provide assistance. The client was wanting to core drill but was unsure of the post tension locations within the slab. Upon arrival, the customer walked us through the site and showed us all of the concerns.

After a walk through the customer showed us where they were planning to core drill and explained they needed every post tension cable located and marked. There were some conduits that if they encountered it and caused damage, it would have been extremely expensive and could cause serious harm to individuals. The other issue was post tension in the drilling locations, the cost of damaging this post tension could have been extremely damaging to the slab and costly also.

At GPRS we provide more than just one method of locating. This played a huge factor with this specific site. Reason being, there’s less of a chance of underground infrastructure being compromised, safety of the contractors doing the work, and the cost of repairs if something is damaged

After we scanned the concrete with the concrete antenna, we also used the em pipe locator.

We completed our scanning with the concrete antenna, we then performed what’s called a “Passive sweep.” This enabled us to determine and verify if there were any possible utilities that were unable to be seen. Passive locating is a method of locating which detects certain frequencies from different utilities such as, communications, electric, water, etc. This is another method we use to provide the best possible service with our customers. Ensuring every option has been exhausted in order to give a safe, accurate, and efficient service to our customers.

We completed the scan of the areas where the work was to be performed. We identified multiple conduits within the slab and the post tension cables. We also mark all of our scan boundaries so that there is no confusion on the scanned locations. We explained our markings to the contractor so they understood what we marked and were able to identify.

Using GPRS is standard operation procedure for this company. They stated “the cost of one conduit being damaged is so much more costly compared to the services GPRS provides to us.”

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